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── Who we are?

Haryana Bricks, established in 2022 is an organization based in Faridabad, Haryana. With a total experience of more than 50 years in the industry we are the pioneers in Faridabad and Delhi NCR. Our past experience in bricks manufacturing business also known as Brick Kiln (Eenth Bhatta) has evolved in such a way that we are now premium suppliers of multiple building materials required in construction.

We deal in all types of building materials like bricks, cement, stone-dust, aggregate (rodi), inter-locking tiles, pavers blocks, fly ash bricks etc. We guarantee to provide you the best material at your doorstep with an unmatched price. We strive to give you not just the best product but also the best advice for using the right product at your site.

── Our Products

Haryana bricks ensures that your product is delivered on time with 100% transparency in terms of quantity & quality. Our premium range of multiple products include the following

1st Quality Bricks (Awal Bricks Red Color)

These bricks are red in colour and make a metallic sound when tapped against each other. These bricks are in fine quality & have high compressive strength and are mainly used in construction of houses, shops, malls, godowns etc.

2nd Quality Bricks (Lal Peti or Do emm)

These are comparatively less red in color and make less metallic sound when tapped against each other and have less compressive strength as compared to awal bricks. These bricks are mainly used in boundary walls, partition walls and in foundation structures.


3rd Quality Bricks (Peeli Peti or Talsa)

These bricks are yellow in colour and have lowest compressive strength as compared to other bricks. These bricks are used for partition of walls and boundary purposes.


Chatka Bricks

As the name suggests, Chatka bricks are irregular in size but they are very strong and are slightly over burnt than the 1st quality awal bricks. They are generally used in building foundation structures.

Bricks Roda

Roda bricks are used in various applications. They are popular for their application in terrace, building foundations and for flooring.


Brick Tiles

Brick Tiles are less in weight and are of awal quality. They are majorly used only for terrace purposes.

── Why People Love Us

100% On-time delivery

At Haryana bricks, we make sure all of orders are fulfilled on-time so that your construction work does not stop due to non-availability of any product.

Competitive Prices

We sell all of our products at affordable rates so that it's always pocket friendly for our customer. We believe in doing business the right way, when a product is affordable customers are happy.

Pro-active order fulfilment

We are always pro-active when it comes to order fulfilment. We understand our customers requirement first and then consult them for whats best for them. After that when customer decides to buy from us we fulfil the order right away depending on the availability.

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